The Michael Vitali Trio, a New York based contemporary jazz group, invites you to join them one their journey of unexplored shenanigans. After the smoke had cleared following the Covid 19 pandemic, Michael Vitali and his long time musical partner, guitarist Justin Wert welcomed a new bass player: the esteemed and masterful, Julian Smith. He replaces Yuka Tadano, who had collaborated on two albums, “En Route” and “Scratching the Surface” and four successful European tours, before launching a bright career on Broadway. A band of close friends, The Michael Vitali Trio places great value on the voice of each instrumentalist. While each member is a tasteful improviser, together they found a unique balance through their use of space. Their interaction is conversational and supportive, always fresh and spiced with elements of surprise and occasionally even humor. The vehicle for their imaginative improvisations is a repertoire of quirky original compositions as well as new takes on old classics and popular songs.